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Fine Causal Dining in Hamilton, MA

About us

Even though Post is a new name for most of us, it has been an important part of South Hamilton history since 1924. The historic building at 16 Bay Rd. was home to the South Hamilton Post Office, and a place for residents to send and pick up letters.

In response to the Great Depression, and a drop in the postage rate (from three cents to 2 cents), the Postmaster added more opportunities for residents to pick up their mail. At Post, which at the time was known as "the brick block building", letters were piled on a table, and a bell was rung to let residents know that they could come and retrieve their mail. Keeping with that tradition, guests of Post will have an opportunity to "Ring the Bell", which signifies that they have bought a beer for our hard working kitchen and waitstaff. Whether you are coming in to dine with family and friends, grabbing a drink and an appetizer, or picking up takeout on the way home, Post is here for you - rain or shine.

The name on the sign may be new, but its tradition goes back almost 100 years. So please, sit back with a cold beer, try our famous steak tips, and enjoy a few laughs with friends, as we start a tradition for another 100 years.